Meet the MEMFacts Public Dashboard

How many Memphians does it take to build a performance dashboard?

In the case of MEMFacts, that number stands at 375 and counting. Seventy-three staff members representing every city division have taken part in the effort to gather, sort, and cross-examine the necessary data to illustrate how the city is performing for its constituents. Almost three hundred Memphians at community centers throughout the city have helped us prioritize what facts to include in the dashboard. Many Memphians have reviewed the "beta" version of the dashboard to provide suggestions for improvement. And we're not finished yet.

We're launching the MEMFacts public dashboard today as the first version of a tool that we'll improve and add to in the coming years. You can be part of that effort! Take a spin through the dashboard and tell us what you think. If you have suggestions for improvement, we want to hear them.

Dashboards are an effective tool to give drivers important information quickly, and they work for cities, too. Would you like to receive news when we update the dashboard, add new topics, or nerd out about how this data is affecting productivity in Memphis city government? Use the "Subscribe" form in the sidebar, and we'll be happy to share the news with you.

Greetings From the Memphis Office of Performance Management

Memphians! There's a new office in City Hall. It's called the Office of Performance Management. Our mission in that office is to help Memphis city government become more productive, more transparent about its performance, and more accountable to you.

The office is staffed by two full-time performance strategists (Justin Entzminger and Jennifer Krouse) and supported by a performance data coordinator and three data analysts from the city's division of Information Services. We report to the city's Chief Performance and Innovation Officer, and our work helps the Mayor, CAO, and divisional staff monitor how well the city is fulfilling its promise to deliver value to you.

In the coming months, you'll hear more from us. As you review our work, we hope you'll take the opportunity to send us your feedback. We are Memphians, too, and we want your ideas for improving productivity in Memphis city government.